Saturday, May 7, 2011

This saint's reputation was greater than any northern saint save St. Cuthbert

               May 7  -------------- St. John of Beverley

St. John of Beverley was born of noble heritage in Harpham, England in the seventh century. He was privileged to study under St. Adrian and St. Hilda at Whitby.

St. John's reputation was greater than any northern saint save St. Cuthbert.  Athelstan, a great warrior, visited the shrine of St. John to request his intercession in the battles to be waged in Scotland, 934.

The warrior obtained the protection and victory he sought only to return to England, founding a college for secular canons and bestowing many privileges on the church in thanksgiving. From then on the banner of St. John of Beverley flew over the host of the English at many other battles. 

King Henry V and his Queen, attributing the victory of Agincourt to him, also visited the shrine of St. John in gratitude. The Catholic Kings Edward II, Edward III, and Henry IV also payed much tribute to the intercession of St. John of Beverley for victory against their enemies.

However, during the Protestant Revolution, King Henry VIII destroyed St. John's shrine and its contents mysteriously disappeared.  Interestingly, St. John Fisher, martyred by the same King Henry the Eighth, was a devotee of St. John of Beverley.

How very important it is to constantly pray for the saints to intercede on our behalf.  Doing so admits that no victory is won alone! 

The good need God in all things but most importantly when they are in battle against evil.  Let us ask St. John of Beverley to be our advocate in the battles of today. 

Surely, if he aided the great warriors of the past, he will not refuse to aid us for our battle is no less serious than those of our Catholic ancestors.

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