Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unprecedented number of Romanian cities to hold Marches for Life this weekend

by Thaddeus Baklinski

BUCHAREST, March 19, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) - An unprecedented twenty Romanian cities will hold simultaneous marches for life on March 24, according to the Romanian pro-life organization Pro-Vita.

“The March for Life is the main pro-life event in Romania,” Larisa Iftime, president of the Pro-vita Media Association, told LifeSiteNews, “and for the first time this event has a national scope, because it will take place simultaneously in about 20 cities in Romania.”

The event takes place every year around the 25th of March, which day Catholics celebrate as the feast of the Annunciation – a major feast in the Catholic tradition. It is organized by groups including the Federation of Orthodox Pro-life in Romania, the Romanian Family Alliance and the Provita Media Association.

Iftime pointed out that, counting only official data, 8 million children have been victims of abortion since 1990, and that the overall decrease in population, 4 million in the last two decades, is creating a demographic crisis.

“The intention of this event is to raise awareness about the genocide of the Romanian nation for 55 years through the practice of abortion and the serious demographic decline taking place under our eyes,” the organizers of the March for Life state.

“If we do not take urgent action to respect unborn life, to promote fertility and support larger families, our country will rapidly become an unprecedented social and economic disaster. For Romania to survive as a nation after more than two centuries will require the next two or three generations to be given a strong pro-life and pro-family education.”

This year the Romanian pro-life organizations have produced a manifesto that will be released to the media and presented to politicians at the march.

“This manifesto will request the implementation of a new attitude and a new legislation, favoring life and family, especially as Romania has the highest abortion rate among all the EU countries and suffers a visible degrading of the importance of family in social life,” Iftime explained.

More information on the 2012 Romanian March for Life, the complete list of the participating Romanian cities, as well as routes, schedules and contact information for local organizing teams is available here.

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