Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Catholic protest of “Testament of Mary” is highly successful; play closes 5 weeks early!

According to PLAYBILL.COM, the blasphemous play “The Testament of Mary” is closing at the Kerr Theater in Manhattan, on May 5, which is 5 weeks early.

It was originally scheduled to close on June 16. 

So, so much for those who say that anti-blasphemy protests don’t work.  Never fall for the fallacy that when you protest a blasphemy you give the theater free publicity, which is what they really want.

The truth is, the promoters of blasphemous plays, such as “The Testament of Mary”, dread, yes dread, to see protests and public acts of reparation in front of their theater or movie hall.

Here’s a fact that proves this. 

During the second protest and act of reparation organized by TFP-America Needs Fatima on April 22 in front of the Kerr Theater in New York City, against  “The Testament of Mary”, a huge truck was parked between us and the theater.  The driver was sitting in the cab during our protest.

Bus and rolling plat NYC

(If the promoters of blasphemy are so convinced that we give them “free publicity” when we protest their blasphemous productions, why did they close down The Testament of Mary 5 weeks early?  And why did they park a truck in front of our rally?  And why did they cover theater entrances with wood and foam blockades?)

Bus protest NYC April 22

Then, large wood frames with cushioned matting were rolled out in front of the Kerr Theater and placed over the window and doors of the theater.  Apparently, the theater didn’t want its patrons hearing the Rosary, and the shouts of “REPARATION” filtering into the theater.  They didn’t like the “free publicity” that was going on outside after all.

But, the promoters of blasphemy will continue using the false argument that protests give them the “free publicity.”  And most unfortunately, soft Catholics will continue to believe them and not react, and remain silent when the next blasphemy appears.

However, by far, the most important consideration in the early cancelation of the blasphemous play is the joy we have by knowing that Our Lord, Our Lady and the Catholic faith will be spared 5 more weeks of blasphemy.

May God have mercy on America, and help us win the peaceful, legal and spiritual battle against the horrific sin of blasphemy.

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  1. Great News. Keep Praying The Holy Rosary daily as Mary our Mother requests.Veronica.