Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Please Sign A Respectful Petition To Disney CEO, Robert Iger

Please Sign
A Respectful Petition
To Disney CEO,
Robert Iger

Petition Background
According to press reports, homosexuals and pro-homosexual activists will soon be celebrating the 23rd annual “Gay Days”, at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

This is something that families and children should absolutely NOT be exposed to.

So, for the good of families and of children, please ask Disney not to allow any and all activities related to Homosexual Day. (We avoid using the word gay since there’s nothing gay about this sin.)

On behalf of the innocence of America’s children and unsuspecting families visiting Disney World over this Memorial Day weekend, please join me in this protest.

Send your instant e-petition now.

P.S. Please send your e-message today so Disney will hear from you and know the reasons why you absolutely object to them hosting a homosexual day at the park.

Also, please say a Rosary for the success of our nationwide protest against “Gay Days” at Disney. The Rosary is far more powerful than most people realize. So, let’s use it to defend the innocence of our children and the moral propriety of our society.


  1. Children should have and keep their innocence as they grow and mature. This is a direct perversion of their innocence.

  2. Children should have their innocence protected as they grow and mature. What people do behind closed doors is their business but we do not need to parade it on childrens tv shows.