Sunday, May 19, 2013

As Our Lady said at Fatima, Communism is spreading its errors across the world -- Venezuela - Cuba - Brazil: Dictatorships and Anesthesia

by Javier Gonzalez

Here are a few events that lie half-buried in the postmodern maelstrom. We believe it is important to recall them because they generate ongoing consequences for millions of people in Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, and the Americas.

1. In Venezuela, Chavista deputies brutally beat up opposition MPs on the premises of the National Assembly. It was literally a trap. The chamber’s doors were locked and internal television circuits disconnected as they began kicking and punching opposition deputies. The Chavistas were particularly ferocious against Deputy Maria Corina Machado, a former presidential candidate and one of the most articulate voices denouncing post-Chavez totalitarianism. She was violently kicked on the floor of the assembly in a cowardly act against this brave woman.

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  1. Yes, communism is spreading world wide. Here in the U.K we have even gone through the courts to bring out that through our media communism is being spread. Abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia etc. The BBC here even expect us to pay for this through a licence fee.The last time I was in court I said that because the courts always upheld the decisions against Christianity that the Magistrates would come to live under a communist government along with their children and families. This will be soon. Veronica.