Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Web Site Exposes Douglas Karpen, Who Kills Babies Born Alive

A leading pro-life group has put together a web site to expose Douglas Karpen. Like Kermit Gosnell, this Texas-based abortion practitioner kills unborn children who are born alive in a gruesome abortion-infanticide process.

This week, LifeNews exposed Douglas Karpen — who, like the Philadelphia-based abortion practitioner, is also killing babies born alive after botched abortions. Unlike Gosnell, who killed babies by jamming medical scissors into their necks, at his Houston abortion clinic former employees of Karpen testify he goes one shocking step further, he kills the babies wit his bare hands by twisting their necks execution style.

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  1. There is not one abortion doctor who is not guilty of murder. They all need to be brought to trial.

  2. I bet he's a good friend of our dear lesbian mayor, whose female "domestic partner" sits on the board of planned parenthood. There was a protestant woman that once said: "If God does not punish this generation, He owes an apology to Sodom and Gomorra".