Thursday, July 25, 2013

Can a Catholic support civil unions to prevent homosexual ‘marriage’?

by Roberto de Mattei

July 24, 2013 (LepantoFoundation) - A dangerous belief is gaining ground, even among Catholics, that a juridical recognition of homosexual cohabitation is the only way to avoid "gay marriage."  "No to gay marriage, yes to the rights of de facto couples and homosexuals" is the watchword of those who want to organise a line of resistance based on the disastrous policy of "giving in so as not to lose."  This is not only a colossal strategic error but also - and above all - a grave moral one.

The cardinal principle, not only of Catholic morality but also of natural morality, is that one must do good and avoid evil:  bonum faciendum et malum vitandum. This first principle is immediately apparent to all men in all places and at all times.  It admits of no interpretations or compromises.  By postulating the existence of good and evil, this principle presupposes the existence of an objective and immutable order of moral truths which man discovers first and foremost in his own heart because this order is a natural law inscribed "on the tables of the human heart by the very finger of the Creator himself" (Romans 2, 14-15).

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