Friday, July 5, 2013

Catholic Gives Pregnant Women a Pair of Baby Shoes - He Faces Two Years in Prison

(Paris), Xavier Dor is 85 years old. The French doctor has been working for 20 years to protect the life of unborn children. On 26 June, he was compelled to appear in court in Paris, so to speak because he had prayed the rosary publicly and without permission.
Xavier Dor, President of the Catholic Right to Life Association SOS Tout Petits. A court case was initiated against him based on "exercise of moral and psychological pressure." The doctor had given a pregnant woman a pair of baby shoes in front of the entrance to a feminist organization in which they wanted to apply for an abortion.

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  1. We never need permission to Pray The Holy Rosary. We must go out on the Streets and Pray The Rosary en masse to show those who believe we need permission that we in fact do not, and we are loyal to Mary in Praying The Holy Rosary. Pray it at the Court case. This case is just another way into trying to frighten the pro-lifers, but in all my court cases, even though it could have led to prison, donot be afraid, and tell those judges you will never submit to them. Veronica.