Tuesday, July 30, 2013

VIDEO: Pro life fight is really a fight between God and Satan

Who's really behind abortion?

You know the answer, of course.

But TFP Student Action volunteers just got back from a tour for the unborn in Texas.

They report facing off with a creepy pro-abortionist with satanic tattoos.

Read about their adventure here

The incident reminds me how pro-abortion activists recently chanted "Hail Satan" at the State Capitol building to oppose pro-life legislation.

That creepy video is included in the report too

Really, the battle is between God and the Serpent.

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  1. Without doubt this battle is between God and satan. Abortion is a Blood sacrifice to satan, and this is why his power is allowed to be so great at this point in History because of the millions of murdered Babies Worldwide. However, Mary is going to crush the head of satan soon. Mary The Mother of God says so. To help Her, Pray The Holy Rosary daily. Veronica.