Monday, July 29, 2013

TV show dishonors nun's vow of chastity: Receives EMMY award.

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Primetime Emmy Awards has disrespected every Catholic nun in the world by awarding the 65 Primetime Emmy Awards to the movie: “American Horror Story:  Asylum.”

Few TV programs in recent years have been as thoroughly anti-Catholic as FX Channel’s “American Horror Story: Asylum.”

This show, which leads the pack with 17 Emmy nominations depicted a Catholic home for the criminally insane run by sadistic and libidinous nuns.

To portray Catholic nuns as irreligious prostitutes is an attack on the Catholic Church and the precious honor and dignity of the nun. The plot is sinister. Characters include a nymphomaniac, a lesbian, a degenerate bully, a serial killer, and a doctor who enjoys torturing patients.

The nun leads a life of chastity either in seclusion from the world or in the world, but, always as an Angel of Charity: taking care of the sick and poor and always praying for everyone. Thus, to portray a nun who violates her vow of chastity and instead of caring for her patients she abuses them and commits the worst of crimes is the most atrocious offense against every nun's honor.

How dare they. Defend the honor of the religious women and the Catholic Faith.

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