Monday, March 10, 2014

Of Judgment – How to prepare…

For, on what can I rely, when even my good deeds must be mistrusted?

On what shall I ground my hope?  Behold! naught do I find, whereon to place a safe reliance, except on Thy Heart.

1.) The Voice of Jesus.

My Child, so soon as thou hast gone into eternity, thou shalt find thyself before My Judgment-seat, to give an account of thy life, and to hear the decision of thy lot forever.

5.) The Voice of the Disciple

O Lord! How much better it is, here to examine and judge myself strictly, that I may not be condemned before Thy Judgment-seat!

Lord, O Lord! if thou wilt mark iniquities, who shall endure it? If Thou searchest also things indifferent, yea, even those that are good, who can stand before Thee?

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May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be our hearts’ desire!

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