Monday, March 31, 2014

The Virgin Mary And The Jealous Wife

Mary Is The Hope Of All

St. Alphonsus Ligouri relates how the confident prayer of a husband to Mary resolved the deadly consequence of his wife’s uncalled for and precipitate suspicion and jealousy.

But Mary, of whom “the devout Lanspergius represents the Lord thus speaking to the world:

I have created such that no one can fear her, or be unwilling to have recourse to her, for I have created her with so benign and compassionate a nature, that she will not despise any who seek her protection, and she will deny no favor to any who ask it. She spreads the mantle of her compassion over all, and never permits any one to go from her feet without consolation.”

here’s the story (Mary and the Jealous Wife: a 5 minute read)


On the weeks that you don’t get “Stories of Mary – Stories of the Rosary”, you might like to get “The Voice of Jesus…Voice of the Disciple” every alternating week.

Read a sample.

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