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Learn How to Debunk These 5 Myths About Christophe​r Columbus

In this brilliant article you learn how to debunk the 5 most common myths about Christopher Columbus:

The Spirit of Christopher Columbus

In order to celebrate Columbus Day, please accept a complimentary copy of the eBook An American Knight: The Life of Colonel John W. Ripley USMC by gold medal author Norman Fulkerson.

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An American Knight is a breathtaking biography of Colonel John W. Ripley -- a great man as a legend by Marines, such as General Carl Mundy, former Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Ripley was a true warrior, a modern day knight and a chivalrous gentleman. He did NOT let a cynical world cloud his boyhood dreams nor tarnish his innocent desires.

For his heroism in battle and moral integrity in private life, Col. John Ripley was called the “greatest man to ever wear an American uniform” by former POW Paul Galanti.

Readers of An American Knight will also get to know about John Ripley, the father, but more importantly the chaste husband. When the movie people wanted to make a movie about him, he agreed as long as they did NOT portray him as involved with immoral behavior in Vietnam. “I have never been,” he said, “nor will I ever be unfaithful to my wife.”

This was one of the motivating factors which led him to give a brilliant testimony before congress against sending women into combat. He could not conceive of women being subjected to the harsh realities of war and spoke out strongly against it.

An American Knight also narrates his courageous stands against homosexuals in the military. He saw their admittance as “a deviation from values that Marines hold dear and one which attacked their very honor.”

The final chapters of An American Knight narrate the Colonel Ripley’s life and death struggle with a bad liver. He had two liver transplants, the last one defined as the “most dramatic” in history.

“If a young officer or Marine ever asks what is the meaning of Semper Fidelis” Colonel Ripley once told a friend, “tell him my story.”

This is his story!

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Readers comment on the book:

“My wife and I had the privilege of knowing this man and his wife. He was everything that this book, An American Knight, reported him to be. His wife, Moline, was a saint who stood by her husband throughout his many, many absences and raised some wonderful children. John was one of a kind. Many of us today could use his courage and conviction in standing up to many of the issues we face today.” (F.Y. Rehoboth Beach DE)

“I have read the book, An American Knight, and also my 3 oldest home schooled  boys and we all loved it. We are just an average middle class family with no real ties to the military but were thoroughly captivated by the valor and courage of Col. Ripley. It would be great if this were required reading for all school age boys to see what real men act like and how they can live their faith in the world around them. Thank you for putting in print this awesome modern story.” (R.V. Hudson, Iowa)

“I received my copy of your book, An American Knight, and have read it twice.  I am in awe of Col. Ripley. He is the epitome of a Roman Catholic, husband, father and military leader. I retired from the U.S. military a few months ago. When I look back through my 40 plus years in the military I must admit it would have been an honor and privilege to have served under the leadership of Col. Ripley. I agree with him, without any reservation, in regard to those things which he saw as weakening our military.  I admire him as a man of integrity and more importantly as a man of God.”  (SMSgt T.L.)

“My mother passed away in February, but she had the pleasure of reading An American Knight just before her death. My father, myself and some of my siblings read your book also and were truly edified by the great example Col. Ripley showed, not only as Marine fighting for his country, but also as Catholic fighting for his faith. My family had many good discussions, as each of us read the book in turn, about his courage, chivalry, fortitude, and faith - things that are severely lacking in today’s society, where men no longer know the meaning of  manly, and where being environmentally friendly is considered heroic. An American Knight is an excellent book, one which I will read again, many times over, and will share with family and friends, especially young men who are looking for a true role model. It should be required reading for all young men. (S.K. Medicine Bowl, WY.)

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Thank you, and have a great Columbus Day!

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