Monday, October 20, 2014

Rosary Rallies blanket America

In a world in crisis, 12,629 Rosary Rallies took place in America!

And 12,629 Red roses were offered to Our Lady in Fatima!

Click here to watch a video and read report.

I'm thrilled to inform you that 12,629 Public Square Rosary Rallies were held last Saturday, Oct. 11, from coast to coast .

My brother who heads the TFP Student Action group of Catholic young man put together a video you will want to watch.   Click here.

But why so much insistence on the Rosary?

One of my favored quotes about the Rosary is from Saint Dominic:

“The Rosary will be a very powerful armor against hell; it will destroy vice, deliver from sin and dispel heresy.”

That’s why we organized a record-breaking number of Public Square Rosary Rallies.

A total of 12,629 rallies across America...

Over 12,000 acts of faith and public devotion...

Over 12,000 reasons for hope and courage...

Watch the New York City Rosary Rally video.

Everyday we see how our warped culture tries to banish God from the public square, and uproot moral values and dismantle the family.

But we cannot let that continue.

That’s why a growing number of Americans are turning to God and the Blessed Mother for strength, courage and hope.  In fact, the need for conversion, prayer and penance is more pressing today than it was in 1917 when Our Lady appeared to Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia.

And where is our hope?  The Rosary is our hope.  We need a big time miracle.

Our Lord Jesus during His public life cured many people but He would then say to person he cured, “Your Faith has cured you.”  If America can have faith in the Rosary, America will be cured!

So let's never give up.  Never.

Because the Mother of God has given us a promise of God's final triumph:

"In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph!"

I invite you to click here and read the report and then sign up to become a Rosary Rally Captain for 2015.  Help the Rosary effort!  Help save America!  Help save souls!

Also, on October 12, the eve of the feast of the Miracle of the Sun, 12,629 Red roses and thousands of White roses more were offered to Our Lady of Fatima, in Portugal.

See slide show.

God bless you and see you next year, in the public square, with Rosary in hand!

Click: The report includes pictures and a video

Sign up and become a 2015 Rosary Rally Captain

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