Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our Lady Loves These PHOTOS of the Rosary Rallies

With your generous help and participation, our Rosary Rally Crusade this year was very successful.

Many of this year’s Rosary Rally captains have uploaded their rally photos already. View these photos. It’s exciting and satisfying.

If you’re a rally captain and haven’t yet uploaded your rally photos, please login and upload your photos here. It’s a very simple process.

When you view these photos you’ll see authentic Catholic Action all across America and even the world in local public squares by “ordinary” Catholics (extraordinary in my view) – unashamed of their true Faith and humbly praying for their country where all can see.

Notice how the people and children are all so genuinely happy in these photos. You’ll see just how simple a public square rosary rally can be done and how important it is join us as a Rosary Rally Captain in 2015.

These are photos that surely bring a smile to Our Lady and Our Lord.

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