Friday, October 3, 2014

Light vs Darkness: On-Site At The Black Mass

While about two dozen Satanists called forth defeated demons, in a lowly basement of the Civic Center…

…hundreds of prayerful Catholics called forth victorious Mary, St. Michael, and Almighty God Himself, on the bright and glorious plaza outside.


     By the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ we were able once again to publicly defend His honor and, actually, all of America’s as well.

     Thanks to you as well as to the almost 100,000 ANF – TFP supporters who sent in petitions of reparation and, (with special thanks) to the hundreds and hundreds who were able to donate towards our travel expenses to Oklahoma City; a grace-filled public act of reparation was held on-site during this sacrilegious Black Mass. (May Our Lady reward you!)

     As promised, our banners were flying, our band was playing, and our rosaries were being prayed.

     The joy that Our Lady gives to those fortunate enough to have been there and physically participate in such an important act of reparation cannot be put into words.

     It was a joy of immense consolation, of steeled Catholic will against hell, and of experiencing the actuality of the Communion of Saints in action.

     …a 5-minute read. Enjoy!     May Our Lady crush Satan's proud head!

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  1. I'm incredulous at your sentence: "Protestant preachers of varying stripes taunted the crowd, shouting insults against Our Lady and openly attacking Church teaching." Are you serious?? Shouldn't you feel VERY DISTURBED, if you are a Protestant, yet you are on the SAME SIDE as the satanists??? Yikes!