Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Castro's resignation from the "presidency" -- have we lost the sense of justice!


Cuba: the Communist Submarine

Normally, a ruthless military dictator of a small island country would weigh little in world events. Normally, the world community would try to ostracize this ruthless leader and hasten the day when the nation could live in freedom.

However, that logic does not apply when it comes to one military dictator. That exception is Fidel Castro, an unabashed Stalinist who has maintained maintains Communist rule over Cuba for nearly fifty years.

Far from welcoming a change in his ruthless regime that may come due to Castro’s declining health, the left worldwide has united around the Castroist regime hoping for a continuation of the misery of the Cuban people.

Why are leftists who claim to be so compassionate so adamant when it comes to Cuba? Perhaps it is because Cuba is important symbol and rallying point to the communist movement worldwide. Leftists, guerrillas and even American liberals seem to gather courage from the fact that Castro and Cuba have survived.

The following article analyzes Cuba's great importance among leftists even as the leader of this despotic regime appears to be nearing his end.

For the full article Cuba: Communist Submarine, please go here.

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