Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sign petition to stop V Monologues Scandal at 19 Catholic Colleges

TFP Student Action is protesting the V-Monologues play, which is scheduled to perform on 19 Catholic college campuses in the next few weeks.
According to eye-witness and press reports, the play is objectionable because of its “lewd and graphic descriptions of sexual encounters, lust, and lesbian behavior.”
“The play tramples purity, modesty and degrades women. It openly flaunts sins against nature, and thus subverts the order established by God,” said TFP Student Action director John Ritchie. “This scandalous play offends every good Catholic and has absolutely no place on Catholic campuses. Students, alumni, and parents should call for the play’s immediate cancellation.”

TFP is asking Catholics to sign an online petition.  Sign by going here: TFP Student Action!
When visitors sign the petition, simultaneous letters are instantly e-mailed to every Catholic university president where the play is planned.
Together with the Cardinal Newman Society, TFP Student Action has protested “The V-Monologues” in the past.
As a result, several Catholic institutions have canceled showings of the play including the College of Saint Scholastica, Assumption College and Carlow University.
“I can’t understand why any Catholic institution of higher learning would stoop so low as to allow this play on campus. It explicitly condones sin, promotes the abortion mentality and fuels sexual anarchy,” continued Mr. Ritchie. “This immoral play is the antithesis of Catholic morality. What the world needs today is purity, modesty and respect. So we invite all concerned Catholics to protest, to call the universities and urge them to end the scandal.”
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