Friday, February 15, 2008

From the mailbox and e-mail box

Dear Mr. Ritchie,

As soon as I receive the Rosary, I will send the reply card.

The Rosary has been one of my favorite prayers.

We just moved to New York from Ghana in Africa.  Catholics in Ghana love to pray the Rosary and we love Our Lady and our Mother.

I belonged to the Mary Mother of Good Counsel Church.  It is not a parish yet because the faithful are now building one.  It started with a school and so we celebrate Mass in the school's Hall and when we have big church feasts, mass is said outside under canopies.  My children attended the school.  It is a very good school.

We live in Parkside Avenue and are looking for a Parish close to us to enable  us attend Mass.  We used to go to the At. Augustine's church in 7th Avenue which is two stops away from us.

My children saw this mail and they are excited and would like to have a Rosary from you.  Is it possible to send them a Rosary each or do they have to go to the site and request for it?

Thank you very much for everything.


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