Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thanks to you, vulgar play defeated on some Catholic campuses!

I want to thank you for helping TFP Student Action and America Needs Fatima to oppose the lewd V-Monologues on 19 Catholic campuses.
There’s some good news to report: a theological seminar for Catholic bishops moved off the campus of the University of Notre Dame due to a scheduled performance of the V-Monologues.
For details, read:
U.S. bishops shun Notre Dame Venue due to V-Monologues
Also, this year a total of 19 Catholic colleges scheduled the immoral play -- a significant drop since it first started with performances on 32 Catholic campuses.
In another recent news report, Alexia Kosmider, a supporter of the vulgar V-Monologues at Providence College, confessed: “I personally feel like in some ways we lost the battle.”
At Saint Louis University, feminist activists are up in arms because the play was banned. A blog called Feministe, describes their angst as they scrambled to find an off-campus site. The feminist club at Saint Louis University, the blog says, “was told by the SLU administration that we would no longer be allowed to perform The V***** Monologues on campus–ever. On top of this, we are not allowed to advertise on campus at all, or even set up tables to sell tickets.”
As you can tell, peaceful protests are effective. Thank you for joining TFP Student Action and America Needs Fatima in defending moral values. Together, we are making a difference.

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  1. Protests really are effective. The left does it all the time to great effect. Why can't we Catholics do the same when good is attacked?