Friday, February 1, 2008

Write it NOW -- send heroic pro-lifer Ed Snell a message of encouragement!

In spite of the pain he still suffers from his injuries, he is upbeat and jovial.

Why is he injured?

Well, on the brisk morning of December 22, 2007, Mr. Snell, 69, arrived at Hillcrest Abortion clinic in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to start the day as he is accustomed to starting most Saturdays of the year: by counseling women entering the building not to kill their pre-born children.

Mr. Snell and his fellow pro-lifers have been effective – so effective, that Hillcrest erected a 7-foot fence to prevent their contact with the clinic’s “patients.” Undeterred, the pro-lifers started bringing ladders that would elevate them above the fence and allow them to continue their life-saving work.

Rather than spend long hours on the rung of a ladder, Mr. Snell fastened a sheet of plywood to the roof of his car. From this makeshift platform, he had a good vantage point and soapbox to spread his message.

This particular morning, a couple parked opposite Mr. Snell, on the clinic’s side of the fence. When the 69-year-old pro-lifer warned the woman about the proven link between abortion and breast cancer, her boyfriend, Nathan Richardson, became enraged, scaled the fence and shoved Mr. Snell to the asphalt 5 feet below, where he suffered two broken ribs, a broken shoulder, two fractured vertebrae and bleeding inside the skull.

Mr. Snell was rushed to the hospital, the police threatened the other pro-lifers with arrest and Nathan Richardson was let free.

You can send Mr. Snell an email of encouragement to my email address at and I'll forward it to him.


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