Thursday, September 25, 2008

3,316 Rally Captains Reached and New Volunteers Arrive!


    Today we signed up our 3,316th rally captain for the Public Square Rosary which is fast approaching.  If you haven't signed up yet please contact our volunteer office immediately so that we can reach at least 3,500!  You still have time.  You can contact us toll free at 866 583 6012 or you can email our campaign director directly at

    An entire new and enthusiastic group of volunteers joins us for this week. On the left is Ms. Nene Toledo from Baltimore, MD to her left is Mrs. Patricia McKeown from Vermont, next is Miss Genevieve Miller from the Fort Worth Texas area, next is Miss Anne Drake from Pennsylvania, to her left is Miss Madeline Miller sister of Miss Genevieve, next is Mrs. Concepcion Baggett from Napa, CA and finally Mr. Juan Velez Ramos from Puerto Rico.

    These capable and enthusiastic volunteers I am sure will sign up many rally captains during their stay here.

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