Monday, September 27, 2010

Brave volunteer gets collapsed disk – recruits rally captain from hospital bed!!!

Please pray for a very brave volunteer for America Needs Fatima, who was helping to recruit rally captains in the 2010 Public Square Rosary Crusade at our office in Rossville, Kansas.

Her name is Mary Ellen Piel, and she is now in the Saint Francis Hospital via Christi in Wichita Kansas.

On Sunday, she went with the other volunteers to take a field trip to an air show at the base in Wichita.  They parked the car in the parking station,a and were shuttled to the air field in a bus.  But the driver went too fast over a speed bump and, as a result, Mrs. Piel got a collapsed disk. 

She is in a lot of pain, but this did not stop her from turning a friend who called on the phone into a rally captain!

Please do pray for Mrs. Piel’s recovery.  The Evil One is not happy that Mrs. Piel was one of the volunteers who helped America Needs Fatima pass the goal of getting 5,000 rosary rallies scheduled for October 16th.

We’re at 5,301 rallies right now, and the devil is very upset.

May Our Lady, Queen of Angels, protect each and every one involved in getting more rosary rallies for her glory.

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