Thursday, September 2, 2010

Join the monthly Rosary Rally in Hazleton, PA

For more information, call Walter Camier at 570-582-6932 or Jose Ferraz at 570-582-7678.

McKay Trip1 (28)

On the third Saturday of every month for the last year, America Needs Fatima friends and supporters in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, have been praying a Public Rosary Rally to petition Our Lady for her help to guide us through the problems facing America today.

Public Rosary Rallies are an excellent way to make reparation to God for mankind's sins and to attract God’s graces for our
families,America and the world.

We are also finding out it is a good way to help save souls and to bring them back to the Church.  Statistics confirm that very
few young people are practicing their faith today, so what better way to reach out to them then to let them see faith in action at one of these rallies.

When we first started out very few people attended. But as time went on, more people came and in the last few months, thanking Our Lady, we have added 45 new people to our ranks.

By next month it is very possible that we could have at least 85 to 100 people praying the Rosary with us.

We found out, as many other across the country, that the key to attracting new people to these Public Rosary Rallies is to persevere no matter what the weather may bring and no matter what the devil might send us to weaken our resolve.

Believe me, in one way or another, Our Lady will show her approval for your efforts. For example, after this last Public Rosary Rally, two men wanted to interview us for their radio station program. It seems their radio station is heard over the Internet with an audience of over one million people.

What convinced them of the importance of these rallies was the
reaction of the motorists driving by.

For example, one woman at a red light said several Hail Marys
with us until the light changed, and a motorcyclist and his passenger blessed themselves as they passed the
statue of Our Lady of Fatima that we bring to all of our Public Rosary Rallies.

All of these good reactions were possible because we were on that corner monthly praying the Rosary. Who knows how many people changed their lifestyle because of this effort.

Perseverance is a very important virtue; in fact someone once said, “It was through perseverance that the snail reached the ark.”

Anyone who has ever been involved with a Public Rosary Rally would agree that no matter what the difficulties might bring, if we persevere, in some way the Blessed Mother will reward our efforts in a significant way. Saint Louis de Montfort, in his True Devotion to Mary, reaffirmed this when he wrote, “When you give Our
Lady an egg she gives you back an ox.”

Walter Camier

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