Monday, June 2, 2014

Dear Woman Priest, You’re Excommunicated…Love, Bishop Paprocki

By John White


And P.S. – You’re not a priest.

That pretty much sums up Bishop Paprocki’s response to a local Catholic woman’s recent attempt to get ordained.

The woman in question is Mary F. Keldermans of Springfield.  Bishop Paprocki wrote to her last month asking her to reconsider her plan, but evidently she ignored him and tried to be ordained a priest at a Unitarian church on May 5.  Bishop Paprocki promptly issued a decree of excommunication (and if you’ve never seen one of those before, they look like this). Read more:

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  1. Awesome !!!! Finally, the faithful get to hear a Priest and a man stand his ground on matters of the Sacrament of Holy Orders/Vocations. Alleluia!!
    If Jesus wanted women to be Priests, our Holy Mother would have been the first in line. Holy Mary was truly devoted to God's will, not a selfish will, and wasn't prideful or jealous about her state in life, which was Mother and Wife, and a child of God. This other women knew full well going in to her vocation that this was Not permitted ! it is pure conceit and a self serving will on her part to try to get her foot in the door in order to actuate change for another hidden agenda.
    Bravo to Bishop Paprocki and thank you!!
    Jesus,Mary, we love You ,Save souls