Saturday, June 28, 2014

Please Help Stop the Black Mass -- “Like” This Good Group: Oklahoma Against the Black Mass

Very sadly, a group of Satanists are planning a Black Mass at the Civic Music Center in Oklahoma City, on Sunday 7-9 pm Sept. 21.

Our good Catholic friend James McKay has already started his Facebook page Oklahoma Against The Black Mass and it has 450 friends.

Please befriend him and spread the reaction against the Black Mass in Oklahoma.

And please call Mayor Mick Cornett’s office to let him know, politely yet firmly, how much you are offended with a Black Mass taking place on city premises.

Phone -- 405-297-2424

Governor Mary Fallin (405) 521-2342

Civic Center (405) 297-2584

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  1. In this country, we have something called "freedom of religion", which means that your religion doesn't get to suppress other religions you happen to not agree with. Clean up your own backyard, and quit trying to force others to fall in line with your views!

  2. If you are against the Black Mass...Then you should be against all church services!!! You are truly idiots!!!

  3. The united states does not recognize any religion that would be unconstitutional. we all have a right to practice our religion and no church or religion is any better then another church or religion. we do not need to agree with the views of each others religions and we have a right to even protest these views. but we have no right to say who can and can not practice their religion.