Monday, June 9, 2014

Mary Rewards Childlike Obedience

It all began when a Brazilian couple visited the Rue de Bac. They came to ask Our lady of the Miraculous Medal to cure their five-year-old girl, who was paralyzed from her waist down.

The parents fervently prayed for a cure and, at a certain point, the mother encouraged her child to approach and touch the chair in which the Blessed Virgin had sat. Without explanation, the child refused to do so. The parents were naturally perplexed. After some time, they left and made their way back to Brazil.

On the airplane, the mother questioned her daughter as to why she had refused to approach the chair. To both parents’ bewilderment, the child responded in a matter of fact voice: “Because,” she said, “the lady told me not to.”

Still puzzled, the parents said nothing further about the matter.

here’s the story (a 3 minute read)

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