Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gallup Reveals the Obvious: Our Moral Collapse Continues

By Trevor Thomas

Gallup is out with its latest “moral acceptability” survey.  On 19 issues, Americans were asked, “In general, do you find the following morally acceptable[?]”  The responses were ranked on a scale from “highly acceptable” to “highly unacceptable.”  There was one issue – birth control, with 90% approval – that rated “highly acceptable” and nine, with approvals from 57% to 69%, that rated “largely acceptable.”

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  1. Morals today are what anyone finds easy. No thoughts about God's reason for procreation. And those who say the world is overpopulated---!!! are playing God themselves Have you seen all the news? Hindus are coming into christianity by the dozs.. Also Muslims!! and Jews are because one of their respected , now dead, rabbis, left a letter saying Christ is their savior?!! God said where there is much sin , He will send more blessings! He has. Keeping praying and hoping -expecting!!! He won't let us down!