Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inspiring comments from rally captains about their October 10th public square rosary

Here are some more inspiring comments from our rally captains from their October 10th public square rosary:

Elena held her public square rosary in front of Madison Square Garden in New York City. Before the public square rosary began, she was able to teach 3 teenagers who joined her how to pray the rosary. She very wisely wrote, “What matters most is the quality and not quantity of prayers. Prayers that are a total surrender to God’s will, shall never be abandoned. Indeed the prayers of the humble pierce the clouds.” Americans from various backgrounds attended her rally: Koreans, Hispanics, Fillipinos as well as Caucasians.

Jenny from Hopkinsville, Kentucky wrote, “Total attendance was 38 people including three priests!”


In Hawaii Valerie informed us that there were 126 rallies!

George from Canada wrote, “with short notice we had close to 150 attend. There is already much excitement for 2010 and I have five eager participants to form a committee. Canada needs Fatima too!”

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