Sunday, October 11, 2009

More photos from the rosary rallies in the Miami area

photo 4

Here the rosary warriors from the South Miami Beach, at Ocean Drive and 5th Street.


photo 2

We truly had a blessed day despite of some odds.  Here are some pictures that were taken. We gave blue t- shirts to the people that were participating and the the white outfitters were the symbol of each mysteries.


This was taken by a few who had i phones after the rosary.  No one took pictures before and during our prayer.

But it was truly beautiful.  Our Blessed Mother made it happen to have it done at it's entirety as beautiful as can be.

photo 3

Everyone was feeling an awe after doing it in one hr and a half.

There were about 80 people that showed up.  We had a lot of hurdles that were experienced by the rest of the people who did not show up, but at any rate it was a success.

photo 5

The City of Miami Beach gave us 2 officers that watched us while we prayed from 10:30 till 2pm.

This busy public place surrounded with liberal characters let us do the rally without any disturbances.

Thanks for all your prayers.

Raquel, Rosary Captain, 6th St. Ocean Drive, Miami  Beach,FL 33140

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