Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rosary Rally Story

As we approached the place for the rally, a man came who is not in our group came and wanted to help. 

Then, as we were starting about 4 more people came, from where we did not know.

There were 10 of us altogether.

We took turns in reading the petitions, saying the rosary and reading the consecration.

While we were praying, 2 women approached the abortion clinic and was surprised to see it closed.  They were talking aloud, and one of the men volunteers who came to help approached and asked how far this lady is in her pregnancy. 

She responded about 4 weeks.  The man told her that that baby she is carrying already has a heartbeat.  He asked her not to abort and that if she would call the number on his card, she could get some help.  The teen then asked, "Can I get a car seat too?"  The man responded:  "anything you need."  So the two women left.

When we finished praying, we were talking about what just transpired and then realized that only 2 of the volunteers were still with us. 

One looked like Padre Pio (I would say a carbon copy).  He said that he dreamed of Padre Pio asking him to grow a beard and he did....he really looks like him.  A lady who was with him said that she has a lot of the unborn babies rosaries and she gave all four of us who came together a beautiful rosary with little babies inside it.

Our Rally Captain Chuck Morton took at least a couple of group pictures before everyone dispersed but none of them came out.  I also took a picture of the man who looks like Padro Pio and the lady who gave us the Rosary but that one did not come out either. Strange!

All together, we had a wonderful time sharing our own experiences from the different groups we belonged to.


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