Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rally Captain harassed at Rosary Rally

I recently received a phone call from a rally captain in California.  The rally captain was a lady of vietnamese ancestry who came to the United States fleeing communism.

She had been ill leading up to the rally and didn't know if she would be able to hold her rally or not.  She recovered and decided to hold her rally anyway.  She was able to get two friends to accompany her.  She held her rally at a park.  She brought a statue of Our Lady as well as decorations.

Partly through her rally a vicious anti-Catholic man approached and proceeded to shout anti-Catholic slogans as well as blasphemies against Our Lady.

The rally captain, being elderly, just continued with her rally, although she described the scene as unnerving.  The man yelled unceasingly.

Eventually, she called the police.  Three officers showed up.  The man took off.  The rally captains said that the officers were extremely friendly and helpful.  They eventually left presuming that the man would not return.

After the police left, the blasphemer did return, bolder than ever.  The two participants were so afraid that they left.  So, here was an elderly lady all alone confronted by a vicious and bold enemy of the Faith.  She told me that she was erned for her safety,

When she finished she returned home. 

This incident is a good reminder of the gravity of the nature of the struggle between good and evil that exists today.  We have the Abels who are polite and who are good, confronted by the Cains who are rude, coarse and blasphemous.  As evil continues to boldly challenge God, we should confidently draw ever closer to Our Lady.  No power on hell or on earth is a match for Our Lady.  Her angels, when She releases them will confuse and then defeat Her enemies.

Despite everything,the rally captain was extremely appreciative towards America Needs Fatima for holding the rallies and for the opportunity for her to be a rally captain.  By the way this was her third year as a rally captain.

May Our Lady grant all of us the courage to be faithful when confronted by evil, even when it is face to face.

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