Friday, November 27, 2009

Desecrating the Holy Eucharist is “hate speech” in our book

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The online video sharing site YouTube is host to some very sick, blasphemous and disturbing videos, which contain brutal attacks on the Holy Eucharist.  Perhaps the most disturbing video of all is the one titled: Desecrating the Eucharist by smoking Jesus body.

It is followed by this caption: “Eucharist desecration.  You Catholics are truly going to love this one.  More is on its way.”

It was posted on YouTube by user name antieucharist.  And it shows people in a mock Catholic ritual of sorts burning and stepping on the Holy Eucharist.  (Access with caution:

Beneath the offensive video are a series of viewer comments about the video Desecrating the Eucharist by smoking Jesus body.  One tried to minimize the gravity of the video with this comment:

“I know you are just kids having fun, but you do not understand what you are doing.  I made fun of the same thing when I was a teen.  There is much more to it than you realize.”

Although we have no way of knowing for sure if this is a Consecrated Host, the answer of user antieucharist indicates his intent in desecrating the Eucharist:

“…you are incorrect.  We are not kids just having fun.  We are fully aware of what we are desecrating."

And in an answer to another viewer, he wrote:

“We are well aware of the Eucharist’s status, and that’s why we chose it.”

That’s why America Needs Fatima is urging Catholic across the globe to send a:

Stop Host Desecration e-petition to YouTube.

To make this petition effective, America Needs Fatima is asking its membership to pray and to help mobilize one million Catholics worldwide on the Internet without delay.

If thousands of Catholics pray and speak up, there’s a chance YouTube will enforce its policy and remove these sacrilegious attacks on the Holy Eucharist.  YouTube policy says:

We encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express unpopular points of view.  But we don't permit hate speech …

Desecrating the Holy Eucharist is “hate speech” in our book.

Please pray and send YouTube your STOP HOST DESECRATION e-petition today.

To help America Needs Fatima mobilize one million Catholics worldwide on the Internet without delay, please click here to make a donation.  Thank you!

Act of Reparation

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, animated with a desire to repair the outrages unceasingly offered to Thee, we prostrate before Thy throne of mercy, and in the name of all mankind, pledge our love and fidelity to Thee!

The more Thy mysteries are blasphemed, the more firmly we shall believe them, O Sacred Heart of Jesus!

The more impiety endeavors to extinguish our hopes of immortality, the more we shall trust in Thy Heart, sole hope of mankind!

The more hearts resist Thy Divine attractions, the more we shall love Thee, O infinitely amiable Heart of Jesus!

The more unbelief attacks Thy Divinity, the more humbly and profoundly we shall adore It, O Divine Heart of Jesus!

The more Thy Sacraments are despised and abandoned, the more frequently we shall receive them with love and reverence, O most liberal Heart of Jesus!

The more the imitation of Thy virtues is neglected and forgotten, the more we shall endeavor to practice them, O Heart, model of every virtue!

The more the devil labors to destroy souls, the more we shall be inflamed with desire to save them, O Heart of Jesus, zealous Lover of souls!

The more sin and impurity destroy the image of God in man, the more we shall try by purity of life to be a living temple of the Holy Spirit, O Heart of Jesus!

The more Thy Holy Church is despised, the more we shall endeavor to be her faithful children, O Sweet Heart of Jesus!

The more Thy Vicar on earth is persecuted, the more we will honor him as the infallible head of Thy Holy Church, show our fidelity and pray for him, O kingly Heart of Jesus!

O Sacred Heart, through Thy powerful grace, may we become Thy apostles in the midst of a corrupted world, and be Thy crown in the kingdom of heaven. Amen.

Praise and adoration ever more be given to the most Holy Sacrament!

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