Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Report of public square rosary at McKinley Square in the Bronx, NY

    Here is a account of a public square rosary rally from a captain from the Bronx in New York.  This public square rosary was held at McKinley Square in the Bronx.


    The rosary rally started promptly at 12 noon with the Angelus followed by the Rosary.


One of the participants led the rosary, prayers and songs while Ifeyinwa Dimoriaku shared out the rally program to participants and passersby who were interested in participating in the rally.


The rosary was said in three languages: - English, Spanish and Garifuna (a language spoken in Central America especially in Honduras). In between the prayers, there was an interlude during which the prayer intentions were read out and participants were invited to add their own intentions aloud. The rally ended with the Consecration prayer to Jesus through Mary.

Fifty six people participated in the rosary rally.  Several passersby joined the rally.  At the end of the rally, some of the participants who were passersby, but who eventually joined the rally were interested in finding out the location of the organization that organized the rally so that they could become part of it.

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