Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monthly rosary rallies started in Nampa, Idaho

    Mrs. Maureen Coon from Idaho is one of our rally captains as well as a volunteer recruiter.  In 2008 Mrs. Coon traveled to our volunteer office in Kansas to enlist rally captains.  This year she signed up many captains from her home.

    In addition to all of this, she has now begun holding monthly rosary rallies in Nampa, Idaho. 

    Here are two photos of her rally last Saturday, November 14th.

    The first photo shows her rally site all set up. 


     When the participants arrive they will see everything prepared.  Sometimes if the rally captain doesn't arrive early participants who might be a little nervous become anxious about whether the rally will take place or not.  As participants approached this rally they saw that everything was set up in a very attractive and orderly way.

    The second photo shows the participants during the public square rosary.


    If you desire, you too can hold a monthly public square rosary.  If you have been a rally captain before, you already have all of the experience.  If you have not yet become a rally captain, this is a good way to begin.  If you go to great efforts for the annual rosary, you certainly can do the same for the monthly rosary.  However, your monthly rosary doesn't necessarily require the same efforts. Our Lady is pleased with numbers, but more importantly with perseverance.

    If you would like more information please contact us at (866) 584 - 6012.

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