Friday, November 6, 2009

Tell Belmont Abbey College: "I'm proud of you!"

Help this faithful college resist the culture of death by signing an instant e-card:

"I’m proud of you!"

Notre Dame betrayed its Catholic identity, but Belmont Abbey College stayed faithful and now needs our urgent prayers and encouragement.

Please let me explain: This small liberal arts college in North Carolina with 1,600 students is holding firm to its Catholic identity by refusing to pay for abortion, contraception and sterilization in its healthcare plan.

As a result, this brave college is now facing persecution.  In fact, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) stepped in and said Belmont Abbey’s policy is "discriminatory."

Thank God, the college did not cave in, but is defending itself with the help of The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty law firm.
Belmont Abbey president Dr. William Thierfelder said the college is "so resolute in our commitment to the teachings of the Catholic Church that there is no possible way we would ever deviate from it, and if it came down to it... we would close the school rather than give in..."

Will you help me encourage Belmont Abbey to stand strong?

Send your instant e-card: "I’m proud of you!"

It's very important that Belmont Abbey receive your message of moral support at this time of great need because it will encourage them to do what is right.

You don't need to be a student to sign the e-card.  Everyone can sign it, the more the merrier.

To make this effort a huge success, please forward this email to all your friends who oppose abortion and the culture of death.

I am sure God will reward you for defending moral values.
It only takes a few seconds to sign the e-card: "I’m proud of you!"
Thank you.  With best regards and prayers, your friend,
John Ritchie
Tradition Family Property
Student Action Director

P.S. - If you feel inclined to support the efforts of TFP Student Action in defense of moral values on college campuses, please send your gift here

Read The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty press release
Contact information:
Belmont Abbey College
Dr. William Thierfelder, president
100 Belmont - Mt. Holly Rd.
Belmont, NC 28012
Assistant to the president, email:
Office of the president: 704-461-6726
Front desk: 1-888-222-0110

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