Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rally captains get new graces, start new initiatives...

With the graces from the 2009 Public Square Rosary Rallies fresh in the souls of the rally captains, many are starting new initiatives.

    A number of rally captains are beginning to hold monthly rosary rallies.  A number of rally captains are starting groups to periodically get together to discuss their faith or to study Catholic books or devotions together.  Some are getting together to see what else they can do throughout the year.

    One rally captain in Ohio started a group of 10 who are studying True Devotion To Mary, by St. Louis De Montfort. Next October armed with the graces from True Devotion I am confident that their rosary rally will be greater than ever!

    If you have ideas or events to share please let us know!  We want to pass those ideas on to others so that they too can benefit.


And please read this report:

To Francis Slobodnik-Rosary Rally Coordinator

I am  very sorry for this late actually very late report becuase of my health problem.  Thanks God I got over it with the help of Almighty God.

Report:  Held the Rosary Rally  on October 10, 2009 at Lichtenberger Park by Kilconnelll in Elk Grove ,California. 

There were about 72 people who attended and it was very successful.  Actually several of them expressed their desire to be Rally Captain next year.  Wonderful!!!!

I very much committed to be a Rally Captain again next year.  I am very glad that I am doing this.  I started to be a Rally Captain since the rally started in 2007.  Regretfully, I cannot send picture now. 

However as soon as I got the prints I will send them to you.  Better late than never-as said. Do I need to send you the names of the participants as we did last year?

Thank you and please include me and my family in your prayers.

Fely Salgado

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