Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16 -- St. Juliana of Nicodemia

Juliana (died 305) was a Christian convert who was betrothed to a pagan suitor by her pagan father.  When she refused the marriage, her father had her burned, boiled in oil and beheaded. 

During her imprisonment a demon appeared to her as an angel of light urging her to pay homage to the pagan idols.  Juliana was not deceived and she cried out," Lord God of heaven and earth, do not desert me, nor permit your handmaid to perish." 

Hearing this the demon was banished but not before he admitted that devils particularly suffer when Catholics attend Mass reverently.

Let us ask St. Juliana for the grace to readily see deception and  to know that it can be vanquished by calling always for the help of Almighty God.

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