Thursday, February 10, 2011

Receive the joys of praying in public; help people who are suffering

Some friends from Slovakia were visiting America Needs Fatima this week, and during their visit, they told me about an idea that was truly brilliant, yet really simple.

It’s called Pray in Public. 

They just pray in a public place, whether it be in a restaurant before meals, or the rosary while in a car, bus, train, or place.

See, when traveling in the bus or plane, they would pray the Rosary without hiding the beads in their pocket.  They would keep the Rosary beads in view. 

And they would say grace before meals when eating out in a visible manner.  They would not try to disguise their “Sign of the Cross” to such an extent that no one else in the restaurant could see them. 

So far, 600 Slovakians have pledged to Pray in Public.  Maybe we could do the same thing here in America.

For sure, so many Americans suffer from depression and lack of hope.  They look around and see so much apparent well being and opulence, yet it is all mixed with a large does of personal suffering.

The number of Americans who suffer from mental illness, depression, and anxiety is higher than ever.  So many people are like islands; they walk around with a smile on their face, but inside they are sad and troubled.  They have no one to talk to.  They are like an island.

So, please try praying in public.  By praying in public, you may help someone.  You may light up their day by praying, and they will regain hope in God.  They may start praying too and trusting in God to solve their many internal troubles.

Just like our friends in Slovakia, we Americans know that it by praying and not by material things that we can overcome spiritual troubles and be happy.

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