Monday, February 28, 2011

This saint was lifted in the air, creating a platform for him to speak against heresy

             March 1 --  St. David, Archbishop of Wales

In the latter part of the fifth century, a son, David, was born to King of Cardigan and St. Non. He was baptized by St. Ailbe, Bishop of Emly and educated by St. Paulinus, a disciple of St. Germanus who was sent by Pope Saint Celestine to destroy the ravages of the Pelagian heresy.

St. David retired to the island of Wight to pray and to study the rigors of the religious life.  With heroic dedication, he grew in virtue and grace, and then was summoned to leave the solitude of his monastic cell to combat the heresies which were taking root in England.  Word of his sanctity and miracles drew large crowds of people. 

At one point, the congregation was so large, several people complained of not being able to hear the voice of St. David.  David prayed, denounced the heresy of Pelagius, and the ground under his feet rose in the air, creating a platform for him to speak from. 

The heresy was defeated and the people of Wales returned to the True Faith. St. David founded twelve monasteries in which many saints were formed by his direction and example. St. David died on March 1 about 590 in a monastery "filled with angels as Christ received his soul".

St. David was surrounded with saintly people. He chose to spend his life in the pursuit of heaven by studying the methods of the spiritual life and then he put that knowledge to the service of the defense of the Church. We, Catholics today, may not have the privilege of being amidst such a multitude of saintly people, but we can turn to Our Lady to ask her to teach us directly the ways of sanctity.  By truly becoming her child in every way, we have the most secure means of salvation.

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