Sunday, February 13, 2011

Please help me enthrone Our Lady of Fatima in two million homes with your prayerful offering

With your help, I plan to send this beautiful picture of Our Lady of Fatima free of charge to two million families...

Donate to help launch Mary In Every Home.

You can help change hearts, which happened in the case of a woman whose husband often beat her, refused to go to confession and lived openly in sin.

This good wife did everything she could to get her husband to go to confession.

Then – as she again asked him to confess, she gave him a picture of Our Lady.

What happened next was amazing! He gazed on the picture and said: "I want to confess my sins. Will you take me?"

The next day he confessed and told the priest it was 28 years since his last confession. When the priest asked him what moved him to confess, he said:

"Father, I was obstinate, but last night my wife gave me a picture of that Blessed Lady, and in the same moment I felt my heart change ..."

Yes! Our Lady's picture changes hearts. So please help me send pictures to two million families with your kind and prayerful offering.


Donate to help launch Mary In Every Home.

Thanks to your kind gift, hearts will grow warmer with love for Our Lady – and that is one of the greatest gifts you could give anyone.

And how wonderful it would be if, thanks to your special gift, one person – only one – looked into the eyes of Our Lady and once again felt peace in his or her heart and turned away from sinful ways.

I thank you in advance for joining this crusade to enthrone Mary In Every Home.

Donate to the Mary In Every Home Campaign

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