Thursday, August 7, 2014

Is a Satanic black mass REALLY free speech or the exercise of freedom of religion?

by Francis Slobodnik

In the face of increased public blasphemies such as the proposed Black Mass in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the most common responses by city and venue officials to demands to cancel the event is

1) the right to free speech; and,

2) freedom of religion.

Are such events really an exercise in free speech?

I think that almost anyone would agree that free speech does not give one the right to cry, “fire” in a crowded theater.


Such speech is illegal because of the potential threat to public safety and therefore to the common good.

Sign the petition to stop the black mass in Oklahoma City

If the threat to public safety is so important, which it is, shouldn’t actions such as a publicly taxpayer- supported Black Mass be considered a threat to public safety and the common good?

Such an event grievously undermines the tranquility of society and therefore the common good.

No one has the legal or moral right to insult or grievously harm a person’s reputation. If this is so with men, should it not be all the more so with God’s name?

America was not founded on value- neutral principles. America is a nation founded upon the values of Christian Civilization.  Since her beginning America has proclaimed belief in and reverence for the name of God.

In the pledge of allegiance Americans proclaim, “One nation under God’.

New soldiers take the following oath: I do solemnly swear … So help me God.”

United States senators take a similar oath: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) … So help me God.

In courtrooms this oath has traditionally been administered, “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God”?

The most wayward politician will almost certainly close a speech with, “God bless America!”

This demonstrates the great importance that God still has in the souls of most Americans, even today.

If our oaths are directed towards God, doesn’t God deserve at least as much respect as any normal citizen?

Before moral relativism took control over our society, such a thing as a public Black Mass would have been unthinkable. Today with moral absolutes becoming fuzzier rand fuzzier in the minds of so many, anything goes.

However, what the defenders of Satan worshipers, atheists, or agnostics will fail to tell you is that there are consequences to such offenses against God Who created all things and maintains their existence.

God has not nor will He protect nations who utter Satan’s cry from the beginning of time, “I will not serve!” When our nation allows sacrileges and blasphemies we are proclaiming, “I will not serve!” just like Satan.

A good battle cry for America would be St. Michael the Archangel’s, “Who is like unto God?”

Everyone observes the apparent waning of America, some rejoice about it, most Americans are saddened and concerned about it. How can we as a nation expect God to bless us when we turn our back on Him and, even worse, when we stand by while others offer Him the supreme insults of sacrilege and blasphemy?

Government officials, national, state, city and even managers of city owned venues have a great responsibility for what is taking place as well as Americans who vote for such officials. These cowardly officials will not take stands, or worse yet, they will even side with those who hate God.

As a nation, let us desire and recognize the just and merciful reign of God over America and reject those who would attempt to dethrone Him.

The second argument presented by those who defend public blasphemy is the freedom of religion argument. According to the United States Constitution, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…”

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia,” the notion of it (religion) commonly accepted among theologians is that which is found in St. Thomas's "Summa Theologica", II-II, Q. lxxxi.

According to him it is a virtue whose purpose is to render God the worship due to Him as the source of all being and the principle of all government of things1.

I think that the majority of Americans traditionally would agree with this definition.

By this definition, Satanism is not a religion; it is in fact an anti-religion, the opposite of religion.

How can the exact opposite of religion receive 1st amendment protections regarding religion?

Furthermore all have an obligation to render to God worship and conversely to avoid offending Him.  The authority of our own government rests upon the authority of God, not Satan.

As Americans we have two choices, we can be ruled by God or by Satan, there is no middle ground.



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