Friday, August 29, 2014

The homosexual agenda suffers sound defeat in Baton Rouge

With all the talk of the inevitability of the homosexual revolution, people are being told there is nothing they can do. That is absolutely false. How do I know?

Because concerned people in Baton Rouge soundly defeated the homosexual agenda this month. Of course, you won't hear about it in the press.

Here is what happened. The Baton Rouge Metro Council was going to vote on whether to include “sexual-orientation” and something called “gender-identity” on the list of non-discriminatory city ordinances. However, after a long debate, the measure was defeated by a vote of 8--4.  The TFP's Thomas Drake tells the exciting story of this defeat in the story below.

  • Victory for the Family: Pro-LGBT Ordinance Defeated in Louisiana

Need some arguments in favor of marriage? Read the article below on the necessity of indissoluble marriage.

  • How Advantageous is the Indissolubility of Marriage?
Finally, yet another example of how the pro-choice side of the abortion debate is losing their fire.

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