Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Update: Sacred Host Stolen for "Black Mass"

Satanists announce plan to desecrate stolen Host at "Black Mass" in Oklahoma City.
I know you care enough to help stop this outrage, so please read on...

Thank you so much for signing the petition to stop the satanic "Black Mass" in Oklahoma.

Your voice helped us reach 50,000 protest petitions...

And you'll like this update:

Archbishop Coakley of Oklahoma City and Bishop Slattery of Tulsa are now urging public officials to cancel the "Black Mass," calling on all Catholics to pray and fast to halt this abomination.

The Governor of Oklahoma, the Hon. Mary Fallin, also issued a strong statement condemning it.

You see, reports confirm that satanist Adam Daniels has obtained a stolen Consecrated Host to desecrate and attack in the most vile and unspeakable manner imaginable.
(Aleteia.org -- August 6, 2014)

However, the Civic Center hosting this attack against Our Lord claims they can't lift a finger -- nothing at all -- to stop the public desecration of the Blessed Sacrament.

That's why you and I must continue to "storm Heaven" with prayer and keep the peaceful protest growing even more.

Not just a little more. But MUCH more.  With more public outrage.

So the new goal is 100,000 protest petitions by Sept. 21.  And I'm counting on you to invite your friends to sign it today.


I'm also pleased to report that a large team of young volunteers are preparing to drive to Oklahoma (2,620 miles there and back) and stage a prayerful act of reparation right in front of the Civic Center where the sacrilege is planned.

Our Lady’s friends from Kansas decided to charter a bus to join them. Many others will be there too.

Because silence is not an option.

Get more details about the prayerful act of reparation here


You're invited to join us on Sept. 21. I really hope you can come.

If you can't make it to the act of reparation in person, then please consider putting some gas in our van for that important trip.

Send your gift today by using this secure donation page

That would help a lot.

Also, your phone calls (polite & firm) could make a huge difference to stop the "Black Mass" today:

  • Oklahoma City Civic Center
    (Location of the "Black Mass" on Sept. 21)
    Call (405) 297-2584
  • Office of Oklahoma City Mayor, Mick Cornett
    Call (405) 297-2424
  • Oklahoma City Manager, Mr. James D. Couch
    Call (405) 297-2345
  • Governor of Oklahoma, The Hon. Mary Fallin
    Call (405) 521-2342

We must continue to fight so that America will truly be one nation under God.

You see, when government officials treat evil as good and good as evil, they put the common good of society and culture on a direct path to self-destruction. There is no moral equivalency between a Mozart concert and a "Black Mass."

Satan has no rights. Period.

Again, thank you so much for defending the honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ and for raising your voice to oppose this grave evil.

Let's continue fighting the good fight with renewed certainty that the gates of hell will never prevail.


  1. My God, I believe, I adore, I hope, and I love You. I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, and do not love You.

    I seriously want to cry.

  2. If one knows or suspects that a person is handling a stolen eucharist couldn't you ring to alert the police when those people enter the building? Stealing is a crime. I'd classify it as abduction and torture of Christ. But if there's criminal activity someone needs to phone the police. Stealing is stealing. Prayers go out to you. A.