Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nobility vs. Vulgarity

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Postmodern society shuns refinement and applauds vulgarity.

This creates a biased atmosphere against excellence, and those who appreciate the more elevated things of the spirit feel somehow suffocated.

This is where the NOBILITY newsletter comes in.

It reports on the elevated aspects of the spirit, and in this sense, it’s a breath of fresh air for those who yearn and live for higher things.

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There’s more in NOBILITY.

In this fascinating bi-weekly newsletter, you will also discover key Papal teachings on the issue of nobility.  You will meet inspiring kings and queens and read about leaders who changed history.

Socialism likes to level society, eliminate true leaders and promote false elites so the people will have nobody to look up to… except a big, bloated nanny State.

This is even happening in America.

All because good people are confused about what authentic leadership is all about, but now we can set the record straight.

That’s why I think every astute, discerning American should get NOBILITY.

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