Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FREE: New book reveals root cause and SOLUTION to America’s decline

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Return to Order won’t convert rotten politicians,
fix the 17 trillion dollar national debt overnight, or
lower your taxes.

But it does brilliantly explain the root cause of our
economic meltdown…

…and what you -- and Americans everywhere -- can do to save America before it's too late.

After 20 years of research, author and scholar John
Horvat II just completed what I consider to be a world-class masterpiece:

Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society -- Where We Were, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go

Get your free Kindle copy today – (Available for the next 48 hours)

Don’t own a Kindle?  No problem. 

Just use the free download app on the right side of the page to get a free copy of Return to Order.  It’s easy to do.

This is how the former US Attorney General Edwin Meese III describes the book:

"Return to Order provides an interesting analysis of how the United States has departed from the spiritual, cultural, and economic precepts that supported the founding and the early history of our republic.

"It also sets forth valuable recommendations for restoring our society to its foundation of ordered liberty and traditional values."

-- The Honorable Edwin Meese III
Former Attorney General of the United States

Return to Order is a prescription for reviving the economy.  Its printing comes at a time of great urgency because you and I are witnessing the sunset of the American dream...

For example:

-- Every day, our debt increases by $4 billion
-- Every hour, our government borrows $168 million
-- Every minute, $2 million

In fact, our National Debt now exceeds the entire economic output of Australia, China, and the United Kingdom combined.  How much longer can we survive like a credit card nation?

Unfortunately, our casino economy needs much more than a superficial tune-up.  The very foundation of our nation must be restored.  That's why I believe you will find the framework of principles put forth in Return to Order so refreshing.  In fact, every page contains nuggets of wisdom. 

Get your free Kindle copy today -- (Available for the next 48 hours)

John Horvat's 400-page book will show you:

• How every economic system without virtue is unsustainable

• How to return to a healthy and vigorous economy

• How to correct the problem that sparks every major stock market crash

• The principles that allowed the Middle Ages to flourish from the ash heap of decadent Rome. 

But my favorite part of the Return to Order talks about restoring the human element in society and business.  Who wants to talk to a machine?  Be treated like a barcode?  Or be tied to a cell phone all the time? 

Humans are human.  We're not machines or robots.

What experts, economists, professors and military heroes are saying about Return to Order

"If our nation ever needed to return to traditional values, it is now.

"Each of our problems has at its roots a moral solution found in the tenets of the Christian tradition. Return to Order does a great job of highlighting the source and solution to our impending demise."

-- Major General Patrick H. Brady, (USA-Ret) Medal of Honor recipient

"By calling the reader to embrace the cardinal virtues of temperance, justice, prudence, and fortitude, Return to Order suggests a practical pathway to avoid the economic and spiritual crises that are looming before us and, by means of religious conversion, reestablish a right order for human flourishing."

-- Most Rev. John C. Nienstedt
Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis

"Mr. Horvat does an excellent job in excavating the underlying root of the current economic crises."

-- Gregor Hochreiter
Director, Institute of Applied Economics

"In this very well-documented and argued work, John Horvat ingeniously demonstrates how the four cardinal virtues are the basis of a free and prosperous society."

--Prof. Harry Veryser
Author and Former Director of Graduate Studies in Economics
University of Detroit Mercy

"An erudite cultural sculptor, Horvat chisels away materialism's false promises and points toward God as the source of the higher revelation that makes beauty, heroism, nobility, sacrifice and true vocation discoverable and meaningful."

-- Robert Knight
Columnist and author

"Its insightful thesis deserves wide circulation and consideration."

-- Kevin E. Schmiesing, Ph.D.
Acton Institute

Get your free copy today -- (Available for the next 48 hours)

Return to Order not only points to the pathway for prosperity in your own life; it's a blueprint for economic greatness.

PS -- If you worry about America's future and long to ensure a secure financial future for you and your family, carefully consider the lessons laid out in Return to Order.

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