Monday, November 10, 2014

The facts prove that Russia has NOT converted

Despite their stone faced leader, Putin, Russia is collapsing in every way.   Here are some examples:

ABORTION- Russia is the world abortion leader per capita.  Approximately 70 abortions per 100 births in Russia. Most moms bring their kids with them to abortion clinics as if it were no big deal.  (That’s approximately 300% more abortions than in USA.)

Church Attendance – Russia’s weekly church attendance is between one and two percent and that’s up from the Soviet days.  Ironically fewer people now believe in the after life as compared with the Soviet days according to a Pew research poll.

HUMAN TRAFICKING – Russia is a world leader in Human Trafficking with the government being indifferent along with countries such as, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and Yemen

DIVORCE - a 54% divorce rate. In 2012, there were 642,000 divorces and 1.2 million marriages in Russia – a 54% divorce rate. That rate eclipses ours: in the U.S. about a 41% divorce rate.

(Putin himself divorced his estranged wife Lyudmila after years of infidelity with different women, one of them – Alina Kabayeva – a former Olympic gymnast turned representative in Putin’s political party.)

HIV – AIDS - Russia is a leading country for HIV infections (approximately 300% more people have HIV than USA  -  .9% vs .3 of the population.) New infections in Russia jumped 13 percent to 70,453 in 2012 and were on track to climb a further 10 percent in 2013, says Vadim Pokrovsky, director of the AIDS center.


Russia has second worst suicide rate in the world behind only Lithuania and the third-highest teenage suicide rate in the world, just behind its former Soviet satellites Belarus and Kazakhstan - more than three times that of the United States.

Drug Abuse – Russians spend 1.6 trillion Rubles ($39 billion) per year on narcotics per year – ten times more than Americans.  Russian Anti Drug Chief Says Russians Spend 50% More on Narcotics Than their Defense Budget.

The Russian army is plagued with sex slavery, male prostitution

(From - a Russian internet news website owned by pro-Kremlin Holding) 

According to the UN International Panel for Struggle against Sexual Exploitation, the Russian army is plagued with male prostitution.  A small amount of money is enough to find a Russian soldier-prostitute in the center of Moscow.

In case that’s not enough here’s more:

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