Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Man attacks & breaks TFP camera

"We're going to beat the living (delete) out of you!" said the attacker...

First, the attacker pushed Joseph, 17, one of our youngest pro-family volunteers...

Then -- using abusive and violent language -- the same-sex "marriage" advocate turned against TFP member Matthew Miller, 20, and started throwing punches at him, targeting his video camera.
"Bang!" -- The lens guard came rolling off.

"Crack!" -- And the video camera's microphone got ripped off.

You should watch the shocking incident here:

Video: Man attacks & breaks TFP camera

The attack happened during our rally for God's marriage at Johns Hopkins University on Oct. 23. You'll see how our volunteers responded.

I am so proud of them. They handled themselves with honor.

In fact, my colleague Peter told the attacker: "We're here totally peacefully."

But the pro-homosexual bully retorted, "I'm not."

Everything happened so quickly. The police only arrived after the attacker left the area. But they did report the attack and register the destruction of property:

-- Broken microphone (worth $198.00)
-- Damaged Canon Vixia HD G10 (worth $1,299.00)

This attack reflects a growing trend to stop free speech whenever it supports the sacred institution of marriage.

But I'm glad to tell you that TFP Student Action volunteers are not about to give up fighting the good fight.

No way.

They are only more committed.

More enthusiastic. More reliant on God. And willing to continue proclaiming the truth about marriage on college campuses more than ever before.

But right now I'm searching for kind souls -- souls like you -- to help me scrape together enough funds to replace the broken microphone and repair the damaged camera.

You see, before going out on our next campaign for marriage, the camera should be ready to roll. It's really important for our safety.

That’s why I am asking you to please consider sending a gift of $25.00 to help us get another microphone to replace the one that was damaged. Or maybe you've been blessed lately and would like to sponsor a new mic with a gift of $198.00.

Send your secure online gift today

Also -- I invite you to consider sponsoring a new video camera with a generous gift of $1,299.00.

How wonderful that would be.

I know $1,299 is a lot to ask, but I also know that you understand how important this mission is for the future of America.

Rest assured that your gift – no matter the size – will help build a new generation that stands up for the sanctity of God's marriage as well as the unborn.

Also, please pray for the safety of our volunteers as they travel.

We cherish your devotion and friendship and pray for you very often.

P.S. – When you send your gift of any amount -- $25, $198 or even $1,299 -- TFP volunteers will hear about it and pray for you. Thanks so much.

Send your secure online gift today

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  1. Of course had the roles been reversed it would have been a "hate crime". Funny when the shoe is on the other foot. Sad, twisted and pathetic.