Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why a conservative​ victory is NOW not enough

The recent election results show that the electorate was frustrated.

There was a profound discontent in all sectors against all parties. Voters questioned the rudderless course that the nation is following in these confusing times. One senses their fear.

On the horizon are the storms of ISIS, Ebola and economic collapse. There is moral decay in the family, community and Church that causes much affliction.

Above all, there is the unsettling sense that the comfort zone we have fought to "conserve" is fading – and there is nothing to replace it.

And that is why I ask you to read Mr. John Horvat II’s latest op-ed called:

Why A Conservative Victory Now Is Not Enough

It shows that conservatives need to address the important issue of where we need to go as a nation. We do not need the safety of value-neutral employment schemes or financial stimuli that are already being promised by opportunists capitalizing on the elections.

We cannot continue sidestepping important moral issues that are essential to the survival of the nation. We must free ourselves of the illusion that victory consists of avoiding anything controversial.

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