Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Getting a Pulse on the Public: October Traditional Marriage Caravan

by Joseph Jordan

From October 21-27, members of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) Student Action campaigned in defense of traditional marriage in southern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

The campaign was met with much enthusiasm by those who were surprised to see young people defending marriage
As could be expected, however, the reception was not always good. On a campaign at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, an advocate of same-sex “marriage” attacked the TFP cameraman. He destroyed the shotgun microphone and then made a hurried exit, all the while campus security watched on the sidelines.

Not always so friendly.

An advocate of same-sex "marriage" attacks the TFP cameraman, destroying the shotgun microphone.

The days were spent at busy street intersections with our ever-present “Honk for Marriage” signs, flags, bagpipes and banners. It seemed that almost everybody was in favor of traditional marriage. In Virginia, the honks were almost deafening at certain intervals and the insults were few and far between. Many people said we were brave because of what we were doing, while others said that more people should be standing up for this issue.
After the campaign, TFP Student Action volunteers would go to campsites to spend the night. The weather was warm and the roughing it outside was very enjoyable. The mornings were crisp and chilly, making the coffee and hot breakfasts made at the makeshift kitchen that much more enjoyable.

Enthused traditional marriage supporters show that they are proud to be married.

The week-long campaign proved that the marriage issue is far from over. Many oppose same-sex “marriage,” and it will take more than a court ruling to change the hearts and minds of Americans who understand the importance of God’s marriage between one man and one woman.

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